Horse Hair & Feather Pottery

Horse hair firing open to the general public.  Sunday, Jan 11th, 2020 – 9 am – 2pm

bring your bisque pots, potluck to share, a lawn chair and your good juju

 – sally

45587 Summit rd Parker, CO 80138

Bring a piece of your horse to have it immortalized in pottery forever.  Makes an amazing gift, as well.

Show up with a smile and leave with a custom piece you designed and fired yourself.  *** Well… we’ll fire if for you.

Open to all-  Raku season is ON!

We host events about once a month all year around.  It will always be on a weekend.  Keep checking back to find a date that works.  It’s unbelievable fun.

Bring in some horse hair and we can make it into a very personal and custom and timeless piece of ceramic art.  In this way, your horse will be with you forever.  What’s better?

How does it work?  Sally creates a ton of pottery designs, but doesn’t glaze or paint them.  You show up, pick out (purchase) a piece (see all the pictures around).  You paint/glaze a piece however you would like.  Sally has all the supplies you need.  She then fires it right then, and you go home with a permanent and personal creation.

Horse hair pottery has come to a lot of potters’ attention over the recent past. This technique does indeed use hairs from horses (some other animal hair has also been used, with mixed results). Basically, the idea is to burn the hairs on the pot’s surface to create lines. As hair is laid upon glowing hot pots straight form the kiln, they sear onto the pot’s surface and will leave very localized carbon markings.

taken from



Sally Burns horsehair 2015

Horse hair pottery is a way to have a permanent and beautiful keepsake of your favorite animals.

Learn about special events, where you can craft your own pots, and bring your own horse hair to Sally’s studio.  Shipping of horse hair is also available for those outside of the Denver metro area.

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