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Parker Farmer’s Markets –  Sundays > now closed for the season 

Aurora Southlands Farmer’s   Saturdays > now closed for the season

*** Special Event*** New Dates! ****

Bring a piece of your horse’s mane or tail to have it immortalized in pottery forever. Makes an amazing gift, as well.

Next event – Raku firings are on hold due to Covid, and extreme fire danger.  Possibly back in December 2020

Raku firing open to the general public. Sat,  Jan 11th, 2020 >  9 am

Show up with a smile and leave with a custom piece you designed and fired yourself. *** well, we’ll fire if for you.

45587 Summit Rd

Parker, CO 80138

Bring in some horse hair and we can make it into a very personal and custom and timeless piece of ceramic art. In this way, your horse will be with you forever.

Read here for more details, but lemme me show you something real quick. Sally has pre-thrown many pots and plates and bowls and such. When you show up, there is a huge table of a couple hundred things to pick from. You pick out a raw one, they look like this:


Then, you get to paint/glaze it however you would like. Sally then fires it right there in front of you (it is a super cool spectacle). You then walk away with your new pot, that may look like this


You can design a pot with your own horse (or any pet’s) hair. Check this out, an immortal reminder of your treasured horse.

04_August 05, 2016

Then, it is done! There is nothing you need to do. You take it home and it is yours. It is a permanent and completely unique piece of art that you created. Then, you go home with this shit-eating grin. Look what Jen made, those are amazing.


For simplicity, I have removed most of the dates for the special events. Why? There are literally so many. At the most, she does semi-public events monthly… and at the least, she does big quarterly events out at her 5 acre ranch that are very open. All of those photos are from working outside at Sally’s place. Sally (and her eqp) are also available for special events: schools, corporate events, team building, wedding, reunions… think of any event where your guests can bring home a permanent piece of art that they helped craft themselves!

drop us a line or a call to ask about the next public event. Know also that every weekend Sally is out at the Farmer’s markets. Saturday is Southlands Mall, and Sundays are Parker on Main St. Here you can see her work in person, and have a chat! More details about the Farmer’s market stuff below.  Farmers markets now closed for the season.

Sally is hosting a Raku firing event at her home in Parker.  Come and pick out a piece, glaze it yourself, and walk away same day with fired and completed piece. Great for kids!

Note… throughout the year, we do public events roughly once a month.  Come back and check.  We’ll see you soon!
Next event >

Saturday Jan 11th, 2020

45587 Summit Rd
Parker, CO 80138
9 am – 2 pm

Sally is available for classes, one on one instruction, and team buildings… out of the south metropolitan Denver area. Sally has two studios in Parker, and is a full time teacher. She also hosts special events from time to time. Ask us about booking one for you now. Classes and events are available for all levels. Are you looking to learn to ‘throw’ a pot? How about just working on glazing and firing? How about all of it?

Sally offers traditional pottery classes for schools, businesses, and for fun!

Imagine the opportunity to spend a few hours with your peers, friends, and customers, creating lifetime memories. You will walk away with a unique and permanent treasure. Here are some photos from Sally’s last event in April. She brought the whole neighborhood over for food and drinks and crafts. Hundreds of folks showed up and Sally walked everyone through creating their own unique masterpieces. Best part? After a couple hours everyone leaves with something in hand they made. I spent the afternoon there and saw no two pieces the same. The look on kids faces was amazing. Too often in complex crafts classes like pottery, you don’t see a finished piece for weeks. At Sally’s events, everyone gets something in hand.

You can generally find Sally at the Parker Farmer’s market every Sunday morning, all summer long. It’s free. I spent an afternoon with her there last week. She also hand crafts beautiful tie die shirts. If you can charm her like my brother did, you will get a life affirming recipe for scalloped potatoes. Never mind that nonsense. We aren’t sharing it!***

***- editors note. Sally was just proofreading this for me and informed me it was peach cobbler, and not potatoes. Then, she reminded me I still can’t have it. Man, tough room!

She is there in person selling pieces, and telling stories, all day Sundays. Take a look! On Saturdays, she is available at the Southlands mall Farmers Market off Smoky Hill in Aurora. Stop by and see some of her work in person, and you can talk to her about special projects, or one on one tutoring.

Southland’s Saturday Farmer’s market – closed for the season

Sundays- Parker Farmer’s market –  closed for the season

Sally’s contact info is available here.

sally firing 1 2015 sally firing 2 2015 sally firing 3 2015 sally firing 4 2015 sally firing 5 2015 sally firing 6 2015

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