Raku pottery

Raku is the ancient Japanese method of earthenware firing. The vessel is made of a clay mixture that can withstand sudden large change in temperature. The piece is glazed with a copper and porcelain mixture that produces the many exotic colors found on the pot. It is then fired in an outdoor kiln where it is brought to temperature fairly quickly. This happens somewhere around 1950 degrees. The vessel is then removed from the kiln using tongs. At this point, it is glowing and red hot. It is now placed into an oxidation chamber. I simply use a trash can where I can seal the lid. The pieces are placed with combustible material like newspaper, straw, or anything that burns super quick.

Here are a couple photos I took of last weekend’s event.

20181209_114258 (1)

20181209_104100 (1)

Raku firing open to the general public

Next event – Raku firings are on hold due to Covid, and extreme fire danger.  Possibly back in December 2020

Saturday Jan 11th – 2019     9am

* please call 303.503.1241 if inclement weather

45587 Summit Rd

Parker, CO 80138

  • Sally’s notes – please bring a potluck dish and a camping chair
sally firing live
here is a shot from Sally doing a Raku firing event in July 2016

This accounts for the marks on the glaze and the blackened bottoms. Each vessel is one of a kind because of the firing process. The chemical reaction that occurs by introducing the piece to a variety of oxygen releasing agents is beautiful and mystical.

Once the piece is cool it is placed in cold water to stop the chemical reaction. Each piece then creates its own coppers, gold, and other brilliant colors and an individual surprise. Your piece is earthenware and should be treated carefully. While it is somewhat water proof, it is not recommended to put water in it for extended periods of time. For flowers, I put a small plastic cup in the piece to hold the water, and no one is the wiser!


our webmaster made these in a couple hours at Sally’s neighborhood event in April

sally firing 3 2015

Also, be sure to check out our Gallery for tons and tons of beautiful, handmade, homemade Raku pieces. During Sally’s open Raku firing events, you have the opportunity to make a piece and bring it home SAME DAY.

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